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Adam Handler : Image

On late October 2020 we took a quick drive outside of the city

The weather that day was changing drastically from a warm fall day to a mini snowstorm making this the preamble to what I can only describe as journey to a magical imaginative world like Narnia.

Surrounded by an inspiring natural set up you will find the studio Adam Handler

Adam Handler : Text

A loving father of two children, with a larger than life and childlike energy, this enthusiastic creative welcomed us into the colorful reality with his toddler in arms.

I found myself overwhelmed with joy in large room with many windows in were the light shines through.
The floor telling the pieces of many stories that have been written by the hand stroke of this unstoppable and prolific artist.

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Born in 1986 NYC Adam Handler studied Life Drawing in Italy and went on to graduate from Purchase College in NY with a major in Art History.

“My wife is my inspiration for these” he said about the massive, large scale pieces he refers to as “Girls” getting ready to ship overseas to Paris,  Hong Kong among other places.

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His work I can only describe as an incredible balance between power and vulnerability. An invitation to a spiritual journey in where colors pull you in to a world of expressive strokes in where in a Hansel and Gretel way gives the audience innocent relatable “crumbs” to find your way back to childhood with Street art/Basquiat twist.

Thank you, Adam, for hosting us and never ever stop creating!

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Adam Handler : Team
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