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Chris Zaccaria

Chris Zaccaria: Image

 When the door opened, a very polite gentleman with a big smile wearing baby tiger sleepers opened the door welcoming me into a room eradiating light and color.

I realized I was entering into the magical world of Abusive Robotics lead by artist name of Chris Zaccaria.

Chris Zaccaria: Text
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The large scale, colorful stories this artist tells with his canvases were surrounding the walls of the room. with both an incredible balance of what some people may want to perceive as a monster but perhaps others like me, would  also see in them as an Alebrije ( Mexican folk art sculptures of fantastical /mythical) creatures you would like to have in your bed to hold at night and protect you in the land of our dreams.

We sat in colorfully decorated outdoor space in where Chris brought delicious Baklava and sparkling water.
Eloquently and irradiating calm and joy, Zaccaria took me in to the powerful journey of his process as an artist in a story telling way.
It was inspiring to learn how the artist has been utilizing his artistic journey as what like to describe as way to acknowledge, and process different chapters of his live in where negative emotions, feelings may had been dimmed his light.

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Chris Zaccaria (AKA Abusive Robot) is an LGBTQ artist based in NYC who self-identifies as a crazy person. As a child in suburban Philadelphia Zaccaria developed a keen imagination and a propensity to escape the reality of being an LGBTQ child by going into his mind. Chris’s imagination - overactive at times - was fostered by his loving mother - who encouraged creativity and expression. Her tragic death is what drove Chris Zaccaria to finally launch Abusive Robotics. Since then, Chris has worked to portray the realities of Abusive Robotics in acrylic on canvas from his studio in NYC. Zaccaria considers his inspirations to be Dr. Seuss, Eastern European religious iconography, and anything shiny (glitter included).

Chris runs the operation with the help of his unscrupulous cat Food. together, these creatures have cracked the code to access a dystopian (influence of Food) reality where a series of creatures compete for space in a toxic society.
Abusive Robotics chronicles the life of those creatures from their birth via violent circumstances through their struggles in the dystopian world.

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Abusive Robotics images are the creation of the artist inspired by the tales of his muses, Food and Coopie. Food and Coopie both lead a secret life while the artist is at his day job - which is also when the dystopian reality described by Abusive Robotics exists. At the end of the day, Food and Coopie meet with the artist and explain to Him the latest news from Abusive Robotics dystopia. The artist then translates those scenes into a medium visible to the outside world.

I left nothing but inspired by this artist journey, which was a reminder that many times, the best way to walk over troubled waters in our lives could be by taking ownership of the conversation and creating something new.

Abusive Robot  (5).JPEG

Thank you Chris for your Hospitality!

Chris Zaccaria: Team
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