An artistic approach for a Valentine's Day 


Some people may define love as an unwavering, unbreakable, and unparalleled fondness and devotion for another person. It is also defined by an emotional as well as physical connection that runs immeasurably deep, and life without them would be practically unthinkable. In the romantic sense the wrong kind of love may blind you from the real one.

Love itself does not hurt. It is growth that hurts, the ego that stings. Each transformation is painful because the old situation is being left behind for the new. When a relationship ends, we feel hurt, our hopes and dreams have crashed and we feel lost and lonely, wondering what comes next. At the end love beyond a feeling, it is a constant building activity. Having the openness to stay present and continue creating and growing together.

OF LOVE, DREAMS AND OTHER DEMONS   its a curatorial selection in where  we showcase different works from the artists that visually may imply the presence, longing, lost or absence of love.

florencia alvarado  .JPG

Title: Untitled ( Glass box) 

Year: 2021 

Media: Metallic photography 

Artist: Florencia Alvarado 

Untitled (Metallic photography, glass box. 2021) is a work in process that explores the duality of the self. Photographing water with lights and gems to express magic and the dual transformation of the elements.

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Title:  Untitled (After Goya )

Year: 2020 

Media: Oil on Canvas 

Dimensions: 12 x 9 

Artist: Alison Causer 

Untitled (after Goya) is a part of a group of paintings that explores the relationship of power dynamics within the private and public. 

salto al corazon.JPG

Title: Salto al Corazon ( Private Collection)   

Year: 2011

Media: Oil on Canvas 

Dimensions: 11 x 8

Artist: Daniel Djuro-Goiricelaya 

A heart palpitation is when you feel a fast-beating, pounding, or skipping heartbeat. Most of the time, there’s no reason to worry. But sometimes palpitations can be signs of trouble.
Many say a palpitation feels like a heaviness in the chest, head, or even the neck. Sometimes there’s a flip-flopping in the chest or the throat, or the heart may stop or skip for a brief second.


Title: ​Strong heart

Year: 2020

Media: Ink Print on Paper 


Artist: Milicent Fambrough

I hand carved this piece during a rough time. In this time I looked inward. That naturally I find myself helpful to others. In that same breath I find that this is something I need to balance in myself. Caring to much to quickly. The heart is obvious in it’s symbolism. The sword is a reminder to be tempered with my judgment. Though the hearts run through it beats hard.-


Title: Resting near cliffside tulips

Year: 2015

Media: Oil stick and acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 38 x 56 

Artist: Adam Handler 

(Private Collection, London)

This work is part of a series of paintings which represent couples in nature. They originally started as a self-portrait of my wife and I; essentially each new "couple" painting is a version of the original. In each couple I represent myself wearing a striped sweater to denote the male inspired by my love for "old man" sweaters. The couple is adorned by tulips with faces glaring upon the two figures under a starry somewhat otherworldly sky. Clearly the works have Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden narrative and rightfully so. I studied Italian Renaissance painting in college and the religious iconography and narrative plays a large role in my work. One of my goals in producing figurative paintings was to take time old subjects and reinvent them through form, color and interpretation of narrative.

Adam Handler_Resting near cliffside tuli


Year: 2015

Media: Oil on Canvas  

Dimensions: 48 x 24 

Artist: Adrian Hashimi  


"As it walks across the plains, every step...destruction! "

Growing up in Kansas, I was fascinated by tornados or twisters.

As it forms and places its leg on the ground, I always imagine that it was some sort 

of powerful god, walking across the plains completely deaf to 

the lamentation of the mere mortals below. 

julia justo.jpg

Title: Abuela at the Interface 

Year: 2020

Media: Mixed Media 

Artist: Julia Justo 

My work is inspired by my own Latin American Indigenous heritage. It depicts the main character of the Mapuche medicine, a gender-fluid person of great wisdom and healing power called Machi. To Machies, life is about balance; a dualist perspective that blends opposing and complementary concepts such as sky and earth, feminine and masculine, absence and presence.


Title: Pizarrones (Our Threads II) 

Year: 2020

Media: Mixed Media 

Artist: Cecilia Mandrile 

During long months of lockdown, the world seemed to be taking a long pause inhabited by fears, almost breathless unsettledness. And yet inside, a life cycle goes on, Art goes on. From the matrices, clay and handkerchiefs nested in my little studio-room, a community of Sorrow Dolls was born. This Blackboard series means a refuge for these confined Dolls, a space framed and yet, magically open, where the unknown can be questioned, answers rehearsed, stories re-written.

A Lust for Life_Studying Tanerelle.jpg

Title: A Lust for Life/Studying Tanerelle  

Year: 2021

Media: Mixed Media 

Dimensions: 40” x 57”

Artist: Christina Nicola

from Christina Nicola’s ‘200 Little Deaths’ series. In this work, Nicola depicts singer and model Tanerelle posing in lingerie. Through energetic mark-making and mixed media expression, Nicola’s portraits exude the energy and power one experiences when reclaiming their sexual identity. 

For Nicola, reclaiming one’s sexual agency through pleasure is an act of rebellion. History has long since created stereotypes that demonize and hypersexualize black sexuality and the black body. With a distinct color palette and unapologetic posing, Nicola strips such stereotypes of their power.


Title: Corrupted Ecosystem  

Year: 2018

Media: Watercolor 

Dimensions: 10 x 14 

Artist: Palén Obesa

Corrupted Ecosystem portraits a figure that has been stripped down of her identity. She lacks her extremities to symbolize the removal of her individuality, self-sustainability, and her ability to create other than the life within her. In the space where her head should be, we can view a tree growing out of her torso, conveying the critical and extraordinary ability to grow life within her, but it replaces her brain, where her ideas and thoughts rest. These symbols represent the historical belief that women’s social value relies on their willingness to sustain and nurture life. Consequently, this kind of ideology neither promises or encourages women to pursue any aspirations or personal goals that do not include bearing a child

jose perozo .jpg

Title: A escondidas  

Year: 2020

Media: Mixed Media 

Dimensions: 10 x 10 

Artist: José Rafael Perozo

These handkerchiefs are from a series that I called Maricocodrilo's tears from a text by Pedro Lemebel. I choose some phrases that interest me because of their content and their possible interpretation, for example what is seen is not asked about Juan Gabriel, what was his answer when they asked him about his possible homosexuality. In the case of this scarf, it is a phrase taken from a song sung by Camilo Sesto, one of my favorite artists. And for many years there was also doubt about sexuality is that artist, which really does not interest anyone. But from my position as an artist as a fan and as I am, the phrase has always seemed quite particular to me. It says that it speaks of a couple who must secretly love each other like a coward. For me, this song talks about the same thing about hiding from society and secretly loving each other.


Title: I Contain Multitudes and So Do You 

Year: 2020

Media: Mixed media in a vintage book

Dimensions: 10 x 14 

Artist: Kate Quarfordt

I first began painting abstract landscapes in a vintage paperback book in 2019 as a simple commitment to making art every day. The practice evolved with the onset of the pandemic as a way to grapple with the expansiveness of my inner life in a moment of isolation and dislocation. At a time when it felt to me as if the walls were closing in, the act of painting in my book became as necessary to me as breathing. It was a ritual of choice and agency, a way to travel without leaving, a mind-expansion into dreams of justice, a container for all the longing and hope swirling thru me. While my work in the book is small in scale, I experience it as vast--a portal to the immensity of my internal landscape. The opportunity to exhibit prints from the book as part of my show Tiny Portals with ChaShaMa last fall prompted me to extend the metaphor of the portal to the gallery space itself, inviting a series of artists to join me in a shared ritual every night for ten nights using IG Live as a conduit for creative connection despite the constraints
of social distancing. My work continues to evolve and shapeshift, but daily painting in old books remains a foundational part of my practice.

Rippel_19_Scarlett Deliverance_LPTDMCS.j

Title:   Scarlett Deliverance

Year: 2019

Media:  origami collage 

Artist: Edgard Rippel 

Mistakes depend of the self, but atoning depends on the other.
Redemption cuts through life, giving it a new shape. It bleeds through each facet and changes its color.
Acceptance brings understanding, understating harbors truth and truth births freedom.

chris zaccaria22.jpg

Title: The fall of everything 

Year: 2020

Media:  Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas

Dimensions: 48" x 48"

Artist: Chris Zaccaria and I go by Abusive Robot

This piece summarizes my Fall of 2020 - I was learning astrology, had a romance fall apart, was struggling with self hatred and generally angry and frustrated over the closing of a gallery where I had a show scheduled. Despite all of this, though, hope still exists.