An artistic approach for a All Hallows’ Eve


"Though the term esthetic is commonly associated with beauty, it is appropriate to clarify that ugliness is also part of it, but something like this could not be left out when for someone could be beautiful.

Ugliness in art is used by the artist to cause a memory, however when it comes to aesthetics in the language of design, it is immediately associated with the beauty which would be all those forms that are harmonious and symmetrical. 

Considering then the ugly as the opposite of this, and it also causes revulsion and rejection, all depending on the point of view of each person, which is influenced by the way of perceiving, doe to their culture, beliefs or environment." 


DE SANTOS, MIEDOS Y OTROS HECHIZOS is a curatorial selection of  pieces that may be interpret by the audience on certain way, but even thought the esthetics and appearances may create this reaction, the intention or message that the Artist wanted to convey may be  so different that in some cases may be the opposite . 

Florencia Alvarado Novicia

Title: Novicia (Raw Cut)

Year: 2017 

Media: Photography 

Artist: Florencia Alvarado 

Through a noticeable metaphorical correspondence between body and paper, Raw/Cut reveals the symbolic operations through which the “problematic” element is covered and natural integrity is compromised to make way for political correctness.

From the female nipple’s sexualization to its dignified invisibility, we attend a series of maneuvers –almost all of them aggressive– that Alvarado has managed to translate consciously using the  the critical resource of collage. Any cut is strangeness, intrusion, assault, schism. A sense of drama regarding loss and wholeness and, regarding fragility, seem to surge from the intervened or removed surface, from that absence itself. 

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Title:  Untitled (After Goya )

Year: 2020 

Media: Oil on Canvas 

Dimensions: 12 x 9 

Artist: Alison Causer 

Untitled (after Goya) is a part of a group of paintings that explores the relationship of power dynamics within the private and public.


Title: Red Rain ( Lluvia Roja) 

Year: 2010

Media: Oil on Canvas 

Dimensions: 12 x 12

Artist: Daniel Djuro-Goiricelaya 

Inspired by the reflection of the red light of a traffic light on a rainy night, Red Rain is a Abstract composition that invites you to create endless stories .


Title: Morte

Year: 2017

Media: Ink Print on Paper 

Dimensions: 5 x 7 

Artist: Milicent Fambrough

Morte is another name for the dead I think the title fits the work well.
What it means to me?  
When I think on my piece of artwork I see the día de los muertos festivals here in San Antonio. 
I think on my loved ones whom have passed on. I think of the music playing, alters adorned with marigold, and the sweet smells of cooking street food. Painted smiling faces mingling along the brick walkways. I think of my home. Death doesn’t have to be scary or sad. Death is a part of life


Title: Bat in Salem (Private Collection 

Year: 2015

Media: Oil stick and acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 38 x 56 

Artist: Adam Handler 

(Private Collection, London)

I started the bat paintings when I was at a crossroads in my life. My wife was pregnant with our first son, Hunter, and I was on the precipice of taking the leap to being a full-time artist. In my uncertainty I walked out to my backyard and looked up at the sky and saw hundreds of bats fluttering above me. The inspiring event led me to becoming a full-time artist

Adam Handler_Bat in Salem_38x56in_2015.j
Adrian Hashimi.jpg

Title: Hello…my name is Al

Year: 2015

Media: Digital Drawing 

Dimensions: 10 x 14 

Artist: Adrian Hashimi  

There was a period when I used to go to social 'meet-ups' and I could recall from it are those name tags. " name is" so and so...! One day while drawing a portrait series of jovial socially engaged monsters, I said to myself, 'I am sure their 'meet-ups' would require a similar tag!" Hi, are you Betty? The series was an homage to Paul Simon’s hit song.

palen obesa

Title: Mother and Daughter 

Year: 2018

Media: Linocut

Dimensions: 10 x 14 

Artist: Palén Obesa

'This print visualizes my private interpretation of my relationship with my own mother. My mother, depicted as a demon-woman, is both nurturing and terrorizing me while I lay down in the fetal position on her womb. I aim to criticize my mother's ‘well-intended’ but yet toxic parental behavior that was accompanied with love and a genuine fear for my well being during my developmental years.

The print shows symbolism to Catholicism that relates the nature of this relationship with the teachings of religion. Some of these include the crucifixes my mother holds, as well as the very depiction of her physical appearance that root from the biblical descriptions of demons.' 


Title:  Nail Me One Last Time

Year: 2020

Media:  Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas

Dimensions: 36" x 48"

Artist: Chris Zaccaria and I go by Abusive Robot

This piece depicts the crucifixion of The Breakup Monster. The Breakup Monster appears when a relationship is about to end - and is a warning to anyone who sees Him of the impending change.