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2020 has been a year of challenges around the world.

We are living in the times of Corora and seeing how this pandemic has affected all levels of societies and fields and can see reflected  in less favorable communities.

In the New York Art world , The latinx community historically has always struggled with the opportunity to find a way to not only showcase / tell their stories. 

Without having access to the same platforms of high end Galleries or museums 

Is Because  of this that community has always found ways to not only utilized unconventional platforms  but also creative ways to sustain themselves creatively by making and doing jobs in within the Design and Art world

ARTEfactos , is the result of  once again the Latinx community organizing themselves to continue to find ways to sustain themselves by promoting their artistic journeys and sell to the public a combination of Actual art pieces in addition to other creative handcrafted Artifacts that the Artist have developed to sustain themselves.

Please joins us the following dates on SVM Gallery to learn more about the powerful artistic journey of this incredibly talented group of people and have access to support them by acquiring some of their Artifacts 

November 21st 11:00 am to 6:00pm

December 5th  11:00 am to 6:00pm


145 west 46th street , New York NY 100036  

ARTEfacts will also include a series interviews with each artist and a Digital exhibition show cased out of the Instagram and Website of the artist community project EL PATIO DE MI CASA .

ARTEFactos: Welcome
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